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Are There Too Many Meetings, Too Many Emails and Too Much Time Spent With Low Return on Your Investment?

If this sounds familiar, Total Alignment is the answer.

You will discover how to create unified action, and channel everyone’s energy in the same direction to achieve the potential for growth. This will eliminate conflicting goals and redundant activities, streamline processes, and enable individuals to become more focused on delivering your company’s value proposition.

Published by Entrepreneur Press in May 2017, this book helps you define the vision and strategies that support your company’s mission and ensures that the roles, responsibilities, and goals of each member of your organization are clear and aligned for success. A blueprint for businesses of all types and sizes, this guide will help you align your day-to-day operations, business strategies, and build a strong management team to help you achieve breakthrough results, sustained growth, and a high-performing workforce.

The Alignment Story

The lively story and engaging characters in this remarkable book allow the reader to move along at a rapid and effortless pace, almost unaware of the great amount of learning that is taking place. Major management issues are identified and addressed in a clear and cohesive manner.

Exciting new concepts are outlined and explained. This book will give you a systematic process to align your organization – the strategies, the priorities, the projects, the behaviors, the competencies, and the compensation – all tied together with a state of the art software tool.

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Total Alignment offers you a framework that will enable you to answer these fundamental questions that every company must address:

  • Who are we? – What are our core values?
  • What’s our purpose? What do we do and why? – What is our mission?
  • What does our future look like? – What is our vision of the future?
  • How do we get to that future? – What is our strategy?
  • How do we execute? – How can we implement our strategy?
  • How do we stay the course? – How do we maintain alignment?

The solutions we present are more than theoretical concepts. They include unique processes, practical methodologies, and easy to use tools. All the processes link together seamlessly to create Total Alignment in an organization.

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Order Bonus: Process Indicators

Establish a base for your business to measure performance with these process indicators geared towards departments in your organization. Build a data-driven company that will be able to assess the present state of the business and evaluate its success.
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Riaz Khadem

Dr. Khadem is the founder and CEO of Infotrac, a US based consulting firm that specializes in aligning and transforming organizations. He has over twenty-five years of experience in strategy deployment, performance management, leadership, and cultural transformation. He is the creator of Total Alignment, a management model that aligns execution with strategy and transforms the way managers work. This model has been implemented in many diverse industries and in several countries. Dr. Khadem was educated at Illinois, Harvard and Oxford (Balliol College) and holds a doctorate in Applied Mathematics.

Linda J Khadem

Linda J. Khadem

Linda Khadem is the vice president of Infotrac, where she serves as the Corporate Counsel. She is the co-author of Total Alignment as well as the latest edition of One Page Management published in 2014 by Editorial Norma in Colombia and the co-author of Alineación Total, published in Colombia and Alinhamento Total published in Brazil. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Illinois and a degree of Juris Doctor (J.D.) from Emory University.

Takeaways and Tools

An on-line survey for assessing the alignment status in your company. The result of this survey will show you opportunities for improvement in narrowing the alignment gap.

A template for linking the key performance indicators and strategic initiatives in your company with vision.

A template for assigning accountability to your people within your pyramid of responsibility, and defining individual scorecards for each person.

A tool to identify core skills people need to succeed, and an easy to use evaluation scheme.

A template for reviewing results from month to month and taking action on escalated positive and negative performance exceptions.

A plan for linking pay with performance

“Total Alignment helps you develop and maintain a new cooperative culture where each employee offers their commitment and individual contribution to the benefit of the whole company.”

Armando Muñoz, CEO of Sotec, Spain
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“A management system that has it all – focus, accountability, ownership, motivation and sustainability.”

Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and One Minute Entrepreneur™
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“Total Alignment makes all the people in a company focus on what’s really important and truly generates value, thus shaping a collaborative culture within the firm. For us it has been a culture changing philosophy.”

Graciano Guichard, CEO LIVERPOOL, One of the largest department store chains in Mexico.
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