Deconstructing Silos

For Faster and More Creative Response to Market Conditions

Silos Are the Bane to Business Growth

deconstructing silos

When employees or departments hoard information, knowledge, skill or power, time is wasted, profits eroded and careers mangled. Silos are the most pervasive, destructive, and time- and resource-wasting part of running a business today.

Deconstructing or dissolving silos creates cross-company cooperation and facilitates decision-making for effective leadership. It fosters a nimbleness that allows even big corporations to respond with agility to ever-changing market conditions so that you can capture profits, leap on opportunity and attract more customers.

Riaz Khadem leads a brisk and enlightening presentation that clearly outlines the steps that will help companies dissolve silos at every level. It comes down to two important steps:

Accountability Role Definition – there are four roles each individual can play to improve results in a company. By assigning one of the roles to each individual or team to improve a Key Performance Indicator, accountability is clarified and the right people at the right levels collaborate. When the participants understand the roles and their interdependency, the structure for collaboration is established and silos become unnecessary and unappealing.
Five Principles of Collaboration – Riaz Khadem will outline five principles of collaboration governing the relationships among different jobs and will explain how each role maximizes its contribution to improving specific results. When employees become aware of these principles, the culture of the organization transforms to one that is highly collaborative. It becomes clear which actions could inadvertently interfere with the empowerment of others and with the process of collaboration.
Once your team understands these principles they will become empowered to perform at the best level. Teamwork improves dramatically. The business becomes an integrated whole.

This powerful transformational program gives audiences the secrets of increasing collaboration and permanently eliminating silos.