The Success Scorecard

One Simple Tool that Will Make Your Business Thrive

Have You Ever Wondered What Would Happen if “Everybody in Your Company Was Playing by the Same Rule Book?"

success scorecard

This speech is the gateway to turning that dream into a reality – and reaping the enormous business benefits that come from being on the same page.

In this presentation, international business consultant Riaz Khadem will show your team how to create a “scorecard” – a diagram of their responsibilities and how they affect the whole interconnected organization. It will allow each jobholder to quickly assess if their strategies are aligned properly with the vision and mission of the company.

Once employees learn this dynamic self-assessment method, it enables everyone in your organization to begin working off the same page and towards the same goal; it will finally help your company maximize the return on human capital. Additionally, it gives your executive team a visual picture, supported by authentic data, of the company’s performance and its strategic path to the future.

The scorecard emerges from an “Alignment Map” that serves as the navigation chart allowing leadership to steer the company in the direction of optimal growth while continually adjusting to the changes in key conditions that affect your company’s growth and profitability.

Riaz Khadem will help audiences discover how to create an Alignment Map for any business in any industry and implement it effectively for maximum benefit.

At the conclusion of this presentation, attendees will:

  • Know how their own contribution directly influences the success of the whole
  • Understand the importance of unity among the various departments/roles
  • Be able to quickly create a visual representation of how well their performance (or their subordinates’) is aligned with the company’s goals and objectives, mission and vision.
  • Effectively use their own scorecards to assess growth, identify room for improvement and more quickly adapt to key performance indicators.

This presentation has the power to swiftly realign a company that is teetering, create order amid chaos, enthuse and empower stakeholders and enable jobholders at all levels to enthusiastically self-manage for optimal outcomes.