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Why Your Team Is Not Achieving Its Goals

Without a goal, a company has no direction. Goals are the map that keeps everyone on course, whether you’re in a new startup or a well-established corporation. Alignment with the goals your company has set forth is the difference between pursuing the path together as a well-oiled machine or as individual parts flying off in multiple directions. Let’s focus on some reasons why teams don’t achieve their goals and how to get back on track. Continue reading “Why Your Team Is Not Achieving Its Goals”

7 Reasons Leaders Fail at True Leadership

In the recent past, we’ve witnessed the public downfall of leaders from almost every area of the news—business, politics, religion, and sports. But regardless of what sector or discipline, the distance between a beloved leader and a despised failure is smaller than we think. Leadership is both a science and an art that is constantly evolving and operating. To be a good leader requires motivating, monitoring, and developing yourself through active hands-on involvement with your organization. To avoid a leadership failure, pay attention to these behaviors that can act as a warning sign. Continue reading “7 Reasons Leaders Fail at True Leadership”

The Art of Alignment – 5 Lessons for Leaders

As leaders know, success is achieved when people are aligned behind their vision and working together focused on the same goal. But how do you accomplish this?

Here are five ideas that may be helpful for a leader seeking to achieve alignment in his or her organization: Continue reading “The Art of Alignment – 5 Lessons for Leaders”

7 Behaviors That Create A Great Corporate Culture

Promoting a successful and innovative cultural environment often requires changes in current behaviors and attitudes. These seven behaviors, when adopted, will promote a sustainable and positive environment that is guaranteed to attract and keep top people. Continue reading “7 Behaviors That Create A Great Corporate Culture”

Do You Want to Transform Your Company Culture?

Creating a cultural change is not easy. People become used to acting a certain way and are accustomed to a certain leadership style. Here are four steps that will enable you to bring about meaningful culture change. If you follow them, the probability of change is very high. Let’s take a look. Continue reading “Do You Want to Transform Your Company Culture?”

Abandon Performance Appraisals and Build Something New – Here’s How!

Classic performance review has been around since the mid 1900s. With the limitations that it has – its amazing that it has lasted this long!  According to a recent article in Forbes magazine [March 31, 2015], only 55 percent of employees feel as though performance management appraisals are effective. Earlier articles published in talent management and human resources literature identify 50 problems with Performance Appraisals. A Forbes magazine article in 2012 referred to Performance Appraisal in a strong language as the “a workplace evil that must be destroyed like a blood sucking vampire.” Continue reading “Abandon Performance Appraisals and Build Something New – Here’s How!”

4 Ways Leaders Can Improve Their Behavior

As mentioned in a previous post, the behavior of leaders should ideally reflect the values of the organization. But accomplishing this goal may call for some change in behaviors. From quitting smoking to exercising regularly to getting more organized, most of us have a list of behaviors we’d like to change. We are all familiar with the need to change and the challenge of initiating and sustaining the change. Let’s look at 4 ways that leaders can be proactive and improve their behavior to set the example for their organizations. Continue reading “4 Ways Leaders Can Improve Their Behavior”

6 Corporate Values You Should Be Focusing On

As a leader, you want your corporation to move in a certain direction. To do this you may need to change behaviors, and behaviors start with values. Here we’ll discuss 6 key values that your corporation should be focusing on now. Continue reading “6 Corporate Values You Should Be Focusing On”

7 Habitual Leadership Behaviors You Should Avoid At All Costs

Corporate culture is the key to building a great organization. A positive or healthy culture creates an environment of unity and encouragement and fosters innovation. The results are progress, high quality of work and advancement. The byproducts are high productivity, profitability and innovation. A negative or unhealthy corporate culture, however, causes disunity, apathy and may even lead to the demise of the corporation. Behaviors determine the quality of the culture. Here are 7 habitual behaviors that are indicators of an unhealthy organizational culture and should therefore be avoided at all costs. Continue reading “7 Habitual Leadership Behaviors You Should Avoid At All Costs”

9 of My Favorite Leadership Quotes

During my years of consulting and working with thousands of managers in several countries, I have come across patterns of behavior that have been key to the success of organizations and others that have hindered progress. I have distilled these observations into a few quotes that capture the essence of our message to business leaders: Continue reading “9 of My Favorite Leadership Quotes”