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State of Alignment in the Organization

Cultural transformation with Total Alignment

by Riaz & Linda Khadem

Many case studies are written expressing concepts aimed at boosting growth, increasing profits, reducing costs, gaining market share, etc. While these topics are important and worthy of exploration, the present paper is not about growth, profits, or other similar objectives. It is about how a company can operate wisely and intelligently in a state of alignment such that all employees move together as one.

With this approach, the desired results such as growth, profits, and the like become the byproducts of alignment, not its principal aim. The advantage of this approach is that emphasis is placed on processes, not on results, and the effective operation of the processes culminates in sustainable and outstanding results.

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7 Behaviors That Create A Great Corporate Culture

Promoting a successful and innovative cultural environment often requires changes in current behaviors and attitudes. These seven behaviors, when adopted, will promote a sustainable and positive environment that is guaranteed to attract and keep top people. Continue reading “7 Behaviors That Create A Great Corporate Culture”

Do You Want to Transform Your Company Culture?

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Abandon Performance Appraisals and Build Something New – Here’s How!

Classic performance review has been around since the mid 1900s. With the limitations that it has – its amazing that it has lasted this long!  According to a recent article in Forbes magazine [March 31, 2015], only 55 percent of employees feel as though performance management appraisals are effective. Earlier articles published in talent management and human resources literature identify 50 problems with Performance Appraisals. A Forbes magazine article in 2012 referred to Performance Appraisal in a strong language as the “a workplace evil that must be destroyed like a blood sucking vampire.” Continue reading “Abandon Performance Appraisals and Build Something New – Here’s How!”

6 Corporate Values You Should Be Focusing On

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7 Habitual Leadership Behaviors You Should Avoid At All Costs

Corporate culture is the key to building a great organization. A positive or healthy culture creates an environment of unity and encouragement and fosters innovation. The results are progress, high quality of work and advancement. The byproducts are high productivity, profitability and innovation. A negative or unhealthy corporate culture, however, causes disunity, apathy and may even lead to the demise of the corporation. Behaviors determine the quality of the culture. Here are 7 habitual behaviors that are indicators of an unhealthy organizational culture and should therefore be avoided at all costs. Continue reading “7 Habitual Leadership Behaviors You Should Avoid At All Costs”